To tweet or not to tweet

To tweet or not to tweet

So after resolutely refusing to join the twitter brigade and ‘sell my soul to Lucifer’, I have been crushed by the almighty hand of Tod (that’s the God of Twitter…*cringe*) and co-erced into signing up.

It wasn’t my idea I tell you!

Alright I wasn’t entirely ‘co-erced’ but in order to self-promote I have been professionally advised to cover all social networking bases and apparently, missing out on twitter excludes me from a large number of people who make up the show biz demographic, and thus no-one will ever know who I am or what I am doing and I shall remain just another dot on the world map.

Well I don’t want to be a dot.

I want to be a twit.

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Personally I doubt the likes of Tom Hanks will start following my twitter account anytime soon, but he and his wife did produce ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding‘ so I am quite sure our paths will cross eventually…


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