Yes Mr Selfridge!

Yes Mr Selfridge!

After Wild At Heart started killing off all of its main characters and then Downton Abbey followed suit,  Sunday night mainstream TV became very depressing. Thankfully, the colourful Mr Selfridge has exploded onto our screens and I am hooked.

Jeremy Piven is magnificent in the title role and supported by an exceptionally strong cast including Katherine Kelly (from Coronation Street) as the calculating and immaculately dressed Lady Mae Loxley, Zoe Tapper as the pretty but desperate showgirl Ellen Love, and Francis O’Connor as Selfridge’s long-suffering wife.

Did you know that the stern Miss Mardle is played by Amanda Abbington who used to be in the Maltesers advertising campaign where she lifts up her shirt to reveal her bra because Maltesers are not naughty enough? What would Mr Selfridge say?!

The fast-paced storyline reflects the forward-thinking, quick-witted nature of Harry Selfridge himself and if that doesn’t float your boat then the exquisite costumes surely will! The early 1900s into the roaring 1920s was one of the defining ages of fashion and independence for women and Mr Selfridge illustrates this beautifully.

I’ve even managed to catch a glimpse of some acting friends in a couple of episodes, inconspicuously lurking behind the accessories counter – I’ll admit since working in the film industry I have become annoyingly observant and can never watch anything without trying to spot a familiar face!

So if you haven’t seen this delightful period drama yet and you are a sucker for petticoats and all things vintage then you are missing out! Get watching!

Mr Selfridge is on tonight at 9pm on ITV.


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  1. 3rd February 2013 / 1:49 pm

    Oh, don’t tell me that…! Downton Abbey’s third season is about to begin on our Australian television. I love it and refuse to believe they ‘kill off’ their best… Okay, I believe it. Just don’t tell me which ones..!
    Mr Selfridge looks good… Maybe we’ll get to see that after Downton Abbey’s funeral… 😉

  2. 3rd February 2013 / 1:44 pm

    I am very much a sucker for period Drama if not petticoats, though they’re cool too, and this sounds good maybe it will make it over to the u.s. quality tv is so rare, and yeah I didn’t like them killing of Sybil on Downton either

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