Use this Handwash Style!

Use this Handwash Style!

This week my latest dabble with the showbiz world premiered at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals in North London. Following on from the success of South Korean rapper Psy’s hit song Gangnam Style, a team of hospital staff calling themselves Infectious Musicals decided to use the rap to spread the important message of cleanliness in hospitals. The result: a musical spoof entitled: USE THIS HANDWASH STYLE!

The video features myself and my sister voicing new lyrics to the Gangnam Style song with the hospital staff dancing and miming the scrubbing movements needed to thoroughly clean your hands. The serious message behind all the silliness was to show the importance of how washing your hands regularly in hospital can help patients.

Even the press got wind of it and my name, along with my sisters, is now known by all who read This Is Local London (which I am told has an extremely large readership!). We are now waiting for a call from Simon Cowell.

So remember – I can, you can, we can USE THIS HANDWASH STYLE! And make a difference to patients.


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