Big Fat Inappropriate Comments by (Greek) Relatives

Big Fat Inappropriate Comments by (Greek) Relatives

Embarrassing relatives are nothing new. Many children experience the horror that is one or both of their parents/aunts/uncles etc making a crude joke or insensitive comment in front of their friends. Sometimes this continues into adulthood. Everyone has that relative who never responds in a polite way, or is so politically incorrect that you’ve had to hide them when visitors come round.

Language barriers and cultural differences can make these types of comments even more embarrassing and inappropriate. Some of you may recall my blog post Lost in Greek Translation, where I discussed one relative’s inability to say the world girlfriend. Instead he prefers the term gayfriend. So we get comments like, “Where is your gayfriend tonight?”, “Have you left your gayfriend at home?” and “You should have a gayfriend”.

For your amusement, I have compiled a list from family and friends, of the most cringe worthy moments and hilarious comments made by relatives with a particularly loose tongue.

GR = Greek relative, IV = Innocent Victim

IV: I don’t think we’ll be having kids for at least another two years…

GR: Two years?! People will start wondering what’s wrong with you!

IV: My Grandad lives on his own.

GR: But who cooks for him?

IV: He does his own cooking.

GR: But who cleans for him?

IV: He does his own cleaning.

GR: That is not normal.

IV: My son is 38, he is still single.

GR: He’s got plenty of time! Do you have daughters?

IV: Yes my eldest is 30, she has been with her boyfriend for about 5 years but they are not married yet.

GR: Ah that is no good, a woman should be married by 30.

IV: They don’t want to have a Greek wedding in a church, they will marry in a civil ceremony.

GR: It is illegal then.

GR: Now that you are pregnant you should try eating lots of different food so that the baby won’t be allergic. Like nuts.

IV: But I’m allergic to nuts.

GR: That is why it is good for you to eat maybe one or two now, so the baby don’t get allergic.

GR: Your mum, she not like cooking?

IV: Yes she loves cooking, why?

GR: But you are so skinny.

IV: I’m recovering from a really bad case of food poisoning.

GR: You should eat some meat.

IV: I have two sisters. 

GR: They married yet?

IV: My father works in the city. 

GR: Ah he must make very good money. 

IV: We are thinking about going to America this summer. 

GR: America is not for children, there are too many sharks. 

I could be writing here all day but just thought I’d give you all a taster!

Anyone else have any more to add? 😉


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  1. 12th June 2015 / 10:24 am

    That sounds very similar to the comments I’ve heard amongst the family and friends of my Greek friends. In my own experience in having a wife from a country neighbouring Greece, she gets in trouble when I eat a salad or a sandwich. “Why is he eating that?” “Because he wants to?” “Why don’t you cook a lot of meat?” “He just wants something light” Can’t you cook properly? It’s not right, no wonder he says he isn’t hungry”!

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