Work with ME!

Work with ME!

As many of you know, I run networking group/business directory The Greek Wives Club which offers a number of advertising and business services to help promote companies and individuals.

What you may not be aware of is that I also offer advertising space, sponsored posts and opportunities to collaborate on THIS blog. Right here. Right now. So how can I help you?

My blog covers a whole host of topics from beauty to books, parenting to plate-smashing, all brought together under the Greek Expectations umbrella. I write reviews, lifestyle tips, blogging tips, travel posts and general tongue-in-cheek articles about Greek life.


My blog theme can accommodate banners and advertisements featuring your logo, book image, etc. Rates are negotiable.


I can offer a rotating advert space for your company logo on my blog. The ad will appear in the right sidebar on all pages where the sidebar is visible and will rotate with up to 5 other ads in the same position. The ads rotate regularly.

Top Banner:

The advert or banner will appear under my main header.

Footer banner:

The advert or banner will appear in the footer.


If you would like me to feature your product / review your Greek restaurant / review your film / theatre production I would be more than happy to help, provided that your product fits with the theme of my blog and that I am able to test samples / attend the production or restaurant. I am more than happy to discuss products on my blog that fit in with my general theme. However I may not be able to commit to a particular time frame and will only give my absolute honest opinion to my readers about any product. Sending free samples DOES NOT guarantee a written post / review unless I have specifically said so.


I am happy to write sponsored posts and include links directed to your company or specific product. You can then link to this post, quote it in your own website or excerpt it for marketing purposes. I can also share competitions and giveaways. All posts will be promoted on social media and distributed via email to subscribers.


If you would like to collaborate with me on a project I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. I am currently putting together a video on my YouTube Channel which will feature products from various companies and individuals and I hope to put together more of these collaboration videos in future.


Advertising space can also be taken out on my blog for affiliate marketing. This can either be on a commission base or by way of mutual advertising.


Over the years I have done a LOT of work for free and am more than happy to support those who support me in return. However, I do charge for sponsored posts, magazine articles, advertising space. Blogging and writing takes a lot of time and energy. However, charges won’t apply if you are offering a trade e.g. free samples/tickets/restaurant meal in exchange for a review. For sponsored posts I will charge roughly what I would for a magazine article BUT I am open to negotiation.


The Greek Wives Club offers copywriting and editing services, newsletter, advertising packages, and a business directory. The directory is currently FREE so if you run a business that is in any way related to the Hellenic realm, e.g. wedding planner, christening shop, Greek food blog, Greek spa, boutique Greek hotel etc, then please do register and submit your listing so that you can promote yourself to all of our followers. You can find more information here: The Greek Wives Club Advertising Rates and Packages


You can view my Media Kit here.


Aside from the acting, blogging, voice-work, authoring, PA-ing, and plate smashing, I am also an experienced Freelance Writer.  I have written for a wide variety of magazines including STATUS Magazine , LIFE & LUXURY, THE OROKLINI NEWS, THE HUFFINGTON POST and THE LOVE WIMBLEDON GUIDE. I am used to meeting strict deadlines and I am happy to write on virtually any subject and in any style.

You can see samples of my work here or you can visit my official author website which has further links including information about my copywriting service.


Despite the charges stated above, I have done a lot of promotion for free and reserve the right to provide free advertising and affiliate friendship to organisations and individuals whose causes I support. I continue to be grateful for all the support that many of my blogger friends have given me and it is my pleasure to support them back.


So there you go. Whether you want to list your company with my networking service, advertise or network, need product reviews or just need the semi-Greek golden touch to add extra sparkle to your enterprise, I’m your woman. 🙂

(Subject to availability. Terms and Conditions apply. No inappropriate or lewd requests. Greek mother-in-laws will be prosecuted.)


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  1. 16th February 2016 / 5:23 pm

    Ekaterina, you are a beautiful young woman! Lovely picture. I might consider advertising my book on your site once it’s published and I’ll keep this in mind!

    • Ekaterina
      16th February 2016 / 6:16 pm

      Noelle you are very kind 🙂 I would love to help advertise your book once it’s published!! X

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