February 2017 Book of the Month

Drum roll please!

February’s Book of the Month is THE UNUSUAL JOURNEYS OF A GIRL LIKE ANY OTHER by Konstantina Sakellariou.



“The Unusual Journeys of a Girl Like Any Other” is the first of a series of books inspired by the author’s journeys into the inner and outer landscape. It is the memoir of Konstantina, a 40-year-old woman who, for a long time, thought she was living an exciting and successful life. Still, there was an unspeakable void, hidden so deeply and camouflaged so carefully that she had failed, throughout the years, to become fully aware of its existence. It took a hike on Mt Kilimanjaro to break the protective shell and start uncovering the truth. On Uhuru peak, she received her own wake-up call – her invitation towards the archetypal adventure of homecoming – which urged her to seek the answer to the existential question behind every human story: “Who am I?” By accepting the call, she found herself stepping onto a mystical trail which included a cycle of seven, mainly trekking, expeditions. In time, she realized that although she initially thought she was merely hiking in several countries around the world, she was actually hiking her way to her own self-discovery.


The book is available in paperback and on kindle from Amazon worldwide.

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