Toddler Gymnastics

Toddler Gymnastics

Now that I have settled the kids into a bit more of a day-to-day routine, I decided that I wanted to introduce some more activities for my eldest son to help with his general learning, co-ordination, and social skills. I’m going to take him swimming again soon and he already goes to various playgroups so I thought what better way to burn him right out (!) than to try gymnastics.

After a bit of research last year I contacted TJ’s Gymnastics Club which is local to us and put Pip’s (real) name down on the waiting list. Six months later (they are VERY popular!) we got a place and so far Pip loves it.

The club offer structured programmes for children of all ages starting as young as 6 months old (obviously no ring work is involved there…!) and are divided into four groups: Tiddler Gym, Toddler Gym, Mini Gym and Gymnastics Classes. The classes focus on developing basic gymnastic skills, spatial awareness and mobility as well as providing a stimulating environment.

In case you are wondering the club is set in a church hall but don’t expect a tiny little room with a church organ at the back – the spacious area is kitted out with proper gymnastics equipment and health and safety is of the upmost importance.

In Pip’s class there is music, climbing, slides, soft play and yes we have had a go on the beam AND the rings (!). He has so much energy and such little concentration span (that’s certainly not from my side) but I’ve definitely noticed an improvement since we started and there is now no table, chair or ladder (!) that he hasn’t tried to climb.

Whether or not Pip eventually makes the Olympic team remains to be seen but gymnastics provides such an excellent grounding in the development of strength, flexibility and general physical condition that I hope we can continue for some time yet.

What classes do you take your child to?


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