Dimitri’s Big Fat Greek Christening!

Dimitri’s Big Fat Greek Christening!

So despite this month being all about weddings, I thought that a christening post would be just as appropriate. Back in November 2015 I brought you a post entitled Pip’s Big Fat Greek Christening. This gave you the lowdown on my first born’s official introduction to the Greek Orthodox Church and all the drama that went with it.

A few weeks ago we relived the drama with my second born, Dimitrios the Great (the younger), and I felt that it was only right to follow up with another post detailing the highlights of the day.

For Pip’s (Andreas’) christening I spent months trying to source bombonieres, witness pins, and all the traditional Greek frills. This time I didn’t have a clue what was going on! Our anointed Godparent’s mother took the reins (and the whip) and organised everything including the christening outfit. In fact the entire event was pretty much a surprise to me. I just turned up on the day!

Thankfully, the godparent and his mum heeded my pleas to keep everything tasteful and the result was a beautiful day. In fact they did such a brilliant job we are now trying to persuade the mum to start a new career as a christening planner!

The christening outfit comprised of a simple pair of pale blue and white striped shorts and a white shirt with all the necessary undergarments. Topped off with a really cute cap! I didn’t manage to get any decent snaps of Dim on the day so I held an impromptu photoshoot afterwards!

I wanted the boys to wear matching colours so I bought Pip a pair of smart but stretchy and comfortable blue trousers from H & M and teamed them with this sailboat print shirt by Monsoon for Debenhams. I took off the bow tie!. Naturally I couldn’t get a shot of him standing still!

After months of wearing boring kid-proof clothes I went all out and decided to channel the ancient Greek look with this TFNC number from ASOS. This was previously seen in my Wedding Lookbook post. The bun became a bit bigger than I had planned but hey ho the bigger the better eh!

The ceremony itself went without a hitch and Dim screamed the whole way through it. I say scream but actually the pop bub was so exhausted that it was more of a strained continual cry.  The only time he quietened down was when he was completely dunked in the font. I have to admit that this time round the dunking seemed even more brutal than Pip’s experience. The whole church fell into a shocked silence when Dim’s crying turned to underwater bubbles!

Dims face says it all!

Once again we decided to hold the after-party in our family restaurant. This meant that the entire family clubbed together to cook up a variety of delicious Greek cuisine including plenty of SOUVLA!

The christening cake (from Aroma Patisserie) was absolutely beautiful but I am REALLY sad to say that I didn’t get to eat a single piece of it! I was sorting out the children and before I knew it everyone else had gobbled up the entire thing!

The christening outfit, wedding pins and bombonieres were all sourced in Cyprus from a company called Vaftistika Oriental. Bomboniere (favours) can be so difficult to choose. At the end of the day you want something unique to give to your guests. Greeks are usually very fond of their icons so our godparent chose a special wooden plaque with the image of Saint Dimitrios on one side and a verse from ancient Greek scripture on the other. You can choose which saint/icon you want depending on the baptismal name of the child.

Despite this christening being a (slightly) smaller affair than our first time round, we still seemed to have a full house and mountains of food left over! All in all it was an exhausting but enjoyable family celebration and Dim seems to have since forgotten his traumatic dunking! Thank goodness!

If you would like any more information about Greek christenings and where to shop from head to The Greek Wives Club Greek Traditions section.

For now I will leave you with this little highlights video! It was created specially for this blog post by my friend Salem Hanna, Founder and Director of Philistine Pictures. Thank you so much Sal!




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