Toddler Bed Tour

Toddler Bed Tour

For some parents, getting their child to sleep in their own room (or own bed!) can be an absolute nightmare. Being alone in the dark is a scary prospect, especially in the middle of those cold winter nights. Creating a bright, cosy and comfortable place where your child feels safe might makes things easier. Not everyone has the budget to design a whole nursery/kids room, but just a few decorative bits here and there and a nice, colourful bedspread might do the trick. I decorated more of a corner than the whole bedroom for my eldest son, so I thought I’d do a little toddler bed tour for you today.


We bought the Mia Sleigh Cot Bed for my eldest but he never actually slept in the cot. It’s quite big so we ended up buying a smaller cot from Ikea, then when he was done with that he went straight into the bed after we had converted it. He absolutely loves it. It’s a great size for toddlers and I love the angled ends. It measures 140cm x 70cm so be sure to buy a mattress and sheets that fit.

I bought a Silent Night mattress and a fitted sheet that measured 142×70. You could buy standard single bed sheets but bare in mind that they might flow over the bed. I bought a couple of cot bed duvet sets from Mothercare (wait until the sales for some great bargains) and a mattress protector as well!


My toddler is a big fidget so I snapped up this Safetots White Bed Rail from Amazon. It’s not cheap but it works perfectly and is very sturdy. I have even used it on our kingsize bed and it still fits. It’s also portable and comes in a little bag so you can take it with you for trips away.

To accessorise the bed I bought a few different cushions. The dinosaur cushion was from Matalan, the lion one from Mothercare, and the other two from Achica.


If you check out the title picture you can see clearly the wall decorations. I wanted something fun and simple to cheer up our boring white walls and after searching I came across these Decowall Monkey Stickers from Amazon. I read some mixed reviews but I love them and they have stayed on the wall for almost a year now with no peeling at all. The stickers come as a set but in individual pieces so you have to place them together yourself. I deviated a bit from the original pattern to fit this particular section of the wall but you can put them together however you like. So if you are feeling a bit arty you might really enjoy it! They really brighten up the wall and even my husband was impressed!


We keep the majority of our toys in another room (yes there’s more!) but a lot of them do end up in the bedroom. Andreas isn’t that interested in soft toys but he loves animals so I picked the odd one for the bed. The two wicker baskets were from TK Maxx which we keep a few cars and gadgets in.

We received the lovely Greek alphabet poster from a company called Gus on the Go and the Ocean Adventure poster is from The Early Learning Centre. I simply stuck them to the wall with some blu tack and they add so much colour. They are also a great way to introduce your child to shapes, numbers, colours and so on and you can go through them before bed.

I bought the Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer before I’d even moved my toddler into his bed. To be honest I use it as more of a night light than a sleep trainer but apparently it works very well for some parents. Rather than a bedside table, I bought this leather effect ottoman from Argos which I store bedsheets in and it fits really nicely in this corner.


As a lover of books I wanted to make sure my children had a dedicated area to the written word as well.  I had a small space between the bed and my desk so I opted for a cheap shelving unit from Ikea which fitted perfectly and works great as a bookcase! It’s not amazing quality but for a child’s room it’s fine and can be used to store toys, clothes and other bric-a-brac.

My children are still too little to really make use of a whole room so for now this special corner is all that they need. I’ve tried to include as much colour as possible as well as make careful use of the space available. I should probably point out that there isn’t a beside lamp as I have a small light on the adjacent desk. As my toddler gets older I may replace the gro clock with a trendy light for him to use.

I really hope this mini tour has given some of you ideas or brought inspiration and I’d love to know how you decorate your children’s rooms or beds!

How do you make your toddler’s bed cosy?

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  1. 24th October 2017 / 2:43 am

    Have you read any research as to why exactly kids seem to respond so positively to bright colors? Anecdotally it makes sense, especially from a toddler’s point-of-view, but for the life of me, sociologically or biologically speaking, I can’t hypothesize why those displays signal “warmth” and “friendliness” to children. I’m probably overthinking it…

    • Ekaterina
      24th October 2017 / 8:42 am

      With two very young kids I definitely don’t have time to research it! I personally love bright colours and my children seem to like it. So I don’t think I’ll be spending too much time on the science of it all as long as they sleep! 😉

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