The Best Wedding Locations in Greece

On the blog today we have a guest post by Sharif Uddin, a renowned owner of MME Prestige wedding car hire. If you are looking to hire a car for your big Greek (or non Greek!) wedding check them out! Sharif holds a great interest in travelling and exploring new places and has written this post about what he considers to be the best wedding locations in Greece.

The Best Wedding Locations in Greece  

Think before saying “I Do”.  

Does your dream wedding match with the surroundings? You have flown somewhere romantic for the biggest day of your life, and you can’t let surroundings spoil your big day. The most important day of your life deserves the best wedding location to enjoy with your family and friends. Travel to Greece and make your big day the most memorable day of your life.  

MME Prestige – Wedding Car Hire has listed the best wedding locations in Greece. 

Santorini – One of the most romantic wedding locations in Greece. Every year, thousands of couples visit Santorini to make their big day memorable. So, switch up your game and ditch the typical caldera view. Take stunning wedding pictures in this beautiful whitewashed city. Hold the ceremony sitting on the rim of Caldera or add the conflicting black beaches of Perivolos. Throw the reception on the beautiful landscapes of Kamari this will add charm to the wedding.  

Crete – The wondrous Greek Islands offer beautiful, diverse landscapes and stunning venues. Be it a mystical fortress, rural farm estate the Crete Island of Greece goes beyond the lovely chapel weddings. The Crete Island is perfect for beach weddings.  

Rhodes – Situated near the Mediterranean and shimmering Aegean seas, this beautiful island oozes romanticism. The island offers luxury and comfort that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.  

Paros – A beautiful and cosmopolitan island, located in the centre of Cyclades. This island has distinct roots in history. Here, one can experience the rich culture and tradition of Greece. Hold the ceremony in any of the luxury resorts of this whitewashed city or book a private villa, Paros is perfect for romantic couples and offers spectacular oceans views. 

Chios – The fifth largest island in Greece, situated near the Aegean Sea. The Chios Island is meant to be the ideal spot for couples who want to begin their new life happily. Moreover, if you’re not interested in getting hitched in Chios, then you may consider this beautiful island for your honeymoon.  

Monemvasia – The beautiful town located on the east coast of the Peloponnese. Since the medieval ages, the small town is famous as the major port of the chamber. Whether you want to get hitched in the church or a nearby rural chapel the town has lavishly renowned villas that host incredible weddings.  

You are now all set for a fabulous wedding in Greece, but do not forget to hire lavish wedding transportation to arrive or leave the wedding venue. Hire decadent wedding cars like Rolls Royce (if you want to make grand entry), hummer (want to arrive with bridesmaids) or any of your favourite sports cars.


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