Crazy Cretans, Lonely Lepers & Spectacular Sunsets

Now that summer is well and truly over I’ve finally got round to sorting out my holiday photo album. This summer I decided to organise a bit of island hopping and tick off a few more ‘Must See’ places on my growing bucket list, which included a few more Greek…

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A Moment in Mykonos

Over the past few weeks my Greek man and I have been on our summer travels, visiting Greek relatives, eating too much meat and ice cream (not together), and illegally throwing toilet paper down the loo (something that is not allowed in Greece or Cyprus due to their pre-historic sewage system).…

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Sun, Sea and Spanakopita

Last week I travelled to my fatherland (I say fatherland as it is my father who is from Greece, not my mother, thus fatherland not motherland…) completely ALONE to join my parents and siblings on our yearly visit to see our Greek relatives. I have travelled abroad alone before but this time I really noticed…

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