My Morning Routine Parody VIDEO!

My Morning Routine Parody VIDEO!

The morning routine. For some it’s a time of peace and tranquility – a moment to collect your thoughts as you physically and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. For others it’s a mad dash – a nightmare of alarm clocks, dreary commutes and cold starts.

In most of the YouTube videos I’ve watched, the morning routine seems to be unrealistically perfect and yet another opportunity to indulge in pouty pillow selfies (what is with that?) The last thing I’d want the world to see is a pic of me waking from sleep!

So I thought that I would join in and bring you my own version of what I go through each morning… Obviously I am on maternity leave at the mo so this is not a working morning routine. There would be no point in me filming one of those anyway as my 5am routines are usually shrouded in darkness!

If anyone is in the slightest bit interested, my pyjamas are by John Rocha from Debenhams (I can’t find the link anymore).

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    • Ekaterina
      9th April 2017 / 8:51 am

      So glad you liked it! Xx

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